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HEPL at the Qualitative Health Research Conference!


HELP’s Kate Weatherson presented at this year’s annual Qualitative Health Research [2016] Conference, hosted by the University of Alberta and held in Kelowna. Selected amongst many candidates, her oral presentation entitled ‘Factors influencing the implementation of a school-based physical activity policy by teachers’, echoed qualitative findings from her Master’s research, under the supervision of Dr. Mary Jung.

Physical Activity and Dietary Behaviour in Group-Based Mentoring


In a recent study, a team of researchers including Dr. Mary Jung, examined various psychosocial variables in predicting physical activity and dietary behavioural changes among female teens. Findings suggest that self-regulated exercise may be enhanced by positive social cognition changes and together, these changes may also improve dietary behaviour, when facilitated by a group-based mentoring program.

Rebecca Lee’s 3MT Speech Finals

A sample of some of the great things going on at HEPL. Watch Rebecca Lee, one of our former MSc students, present her speech this past March on mHealth apps research in the 3 Minute Thesis Finals!   here via .


mHealth Exercise App & Self-Monitoring of Exercise


As a tool of self-monitoring and exercise adherence, participants with the mHealth app reported higher frequency in self-monitoring, even with constant self-efficacy and perceived self-management of exercise. This pilot study supports social cognitive theory and its role in exercise, as well as suggests a means to increase self-monitoring of exercise – thus, encouraging more theory-based exercise apps.


High-Intensity Interval Training & Intention for Future Exercise

Not enough time to exercise? Shorter, high-intensity interval training was accompanied by a higher intention for future exercise, as a time-efficient form of exercise, in an exciting study on HIIT training and exercise adherence among overweight and sedentary adults, led by the University of South Florida and UBC-O co-author Dr. Jung.

A Review on Strategies to Increase Maternal Calcium Intake

Dr. Jung and co-authors examined five published behavioural intervention strategies, in this systematic review, on increasing calcium intake around pregnancy. This study addresses the current lacking need for increased calcium and behavioural-based intervention strategies during this pivotal time and thus, provides various methods focused on self-efficacy for future research within this field. Read more here.



Use of Continuous Glucose Monitors in Pre-Diabetes & T2D Exercise Adherence

Findings from a recent pilot study, conducted by Kaitlyn Bailey, Dr. Little, and Dr. Jung, suggest that the use of real-time Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs), as a means of self-monitoring exercise, may improve efficacy among participants with pre-diabetes or Type II Diabetes. Read more here.


Participants Needed for Mindfulness Mobile App Study!


Are you a undergrad student or member of staff at UBC Okanagan? Interested in lowering your stress? Take part in a simple and easy mobile app study and receive $25 to!

If interested, please email:

Fitness Classes for Everyone!


No matter who you are, it takes dedication and commitment to get active and stay active! The research is plain and simple, working out in groups does wonders!

Small Steps Join SpinCo!

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